Associations let you link records together, such as schools, students and agents

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Sometimes you will want to associate one record with another, such as a student with a student (a family association) or maybe an agent with a student (a commercial association) or even a student with their former school.

Here are the pre-built associations you can use:

  • student:student (is the parent of the student:is the child of the parent)

  • student:student (is the sibling of the student:is the sibling of the student)

  • agent:student (introduced the student:was introduced by the agent)

  • agent:org (works with the school:works with the agent)

  • agent:org (works with the organisation:works with the agent)

  • agent:application (produced the application:was produced by the agent)

  • agency:student (introduced the student:was introduced by the agency)

  • agency:application (produced the application:was produced by the agency)

  • org:student (teaches the student:studies at)

  • org:student (introduced the student:was introduced by)

Schools and Agents

  • Example 1: you find out later that an agent was representing a student but there was no mention of it on her application 2 weeks ago. You need to associate the agent in Agent Manager (AGM) with the application in Applications (APS) - so you would use the 'agent:application' association.

  • Example 2: from enquiry forms or school events you need to know which schools are sending you the most students. You need to associate each student captured in Student Database (SDB) with their school in Contact Manager (CTM) - so you would use the 'student:school' association.

In this example below: the student Abigail Smith in Student Database (SDB) is being associated with the agent Adrian Agently in Agent Manager (AGM) using the 'agent:student' association: "is represented by this agent":

Once an association has been created it is visible as a link on each record so you can jump from one party to the other in a click.

In the example above you could jump from student Abigail to agent Adrian and instantly see a list of all the other students that he is representing.

Need a different association?

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