Add a new The Access Platform (TAP) data connection

After you have clicked the 'Add a new data connection' icon:

... you will be taken to the About stage.

Next, complete all 9 fields

  1. Title - this might describe how you are using your TAP tool on your website, ie: "Ask a Student".

  2. Type - select "The Access Platform" from the list.

  3. Credentials - paste in your university's email and TAP API Key.

  4. Destination - pick any Rapid Response occurrence - this is where the data enters Student CRM on its way to your Student Database.

  5. Workflow - choose a workflow - this will or won't send out communications as per the workflow you have selected.

  6. Consent - choose the Consent Pack from the Privacy centre app that you will be auto-applying to all TAP enquirers.

  7. Topics - these are the topics they are being subscribed to. Note that if a topic is greyed out and you can't click it, that is because it is a mandatory topic. If it is selectable you can choose to opt them in or not, your choice.

  8. Frequency - the connection can run every hour (on the hour) or daily (at 06:00) - just pick one.

  9. Status - you can save it as 'inactive' and click 'Save' if you like. (In 'inactive' status you can make changes). Once you are happy that your settings look OK, set it to 'active' and click 'Save'. TIP: if you set an active connection to 'inactive', it always catches up from where it left off whenever you set it back to 'active' again - so no TAP leads ever get missed.

Now look at the listing and you will see when your connection last ran and when it is next due to run:

OK, that's it. Well done, you have a new TAP data connection.

How data is saved in Student CRM

The Access Platform               Student CRM
Firstname Firstname
Lastname Lastname
Email Email
Marketing Preference Email channel opt-in
Country Country
Nationality Nationality
Source "The Access Platform" Source
(as configured in occurrence) Consent Pack & Topics
The data sent (other values) Logged in Student Record Card

NB: no custom questions are currently saved into specific fields, however, they are logged in the Student Record Card.


You can see live charts in the 'Performance' stage:

Download full log

Click the button (see above) to download a CSV text log showing every time the connection ever ran:

Note: the first entry in your Log will be all the previous records already in your TAP platform (cell C2 above). Thereafter it includes new signups only (cell C8 above).

See the TAP widget installed on our website (demo only).

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