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Web Form Goodies

Some useful but not-so-obvious features you will love

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Here are some useful not-so-obvious features included in the app 'Web Form Builder':

Web Forms Listing

  1. Grid view.

  2. Download List as CSV

  3. Archived web forms.

  4. Sort columns.

  5. Search by tags.

  6. Templates keep your work safe.

  7. Sticky filters.

1. About

  1. Status is displayed in each step.

  2. Display in Templates checkbox.

  3. Super-size your description.

2. Configuration

  1. Notification emails contain deep links.

3. Builder

  1. Stage.

  2. Persona.

  3. Conditional items.

  4. Custom fields.

  5. Replace page in the current tab after submission.

  6. Formatting a value list, ie Schools.

  7. Sensible defaults.

4. Theme

  1. The CSS cheat sheet.

5. Preview

  1. QR Code can be used for marketing.

  2. Bit/ly for sharing.

  3. Forms submit inside the preview

  4. Web Form Checklist.

6. Performance

  1. 'Data stored in' links to the most recent record.

  2. 'Tracking' links to your analytics site.

On the live web form

  1. The code at the bottom.

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