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Setting up Email Templates in Applications (Active)
Setting up Email Templates in Applications (Active)

Setting up email templates for use in Active Applications

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Applications > Setup > Emails

On this page, you can add default email templates which allow your admissions officers to chase or remind applicants or staff members about certain actions required of them during the application journey.

Student Chaser Email

Available in 'Conditions Outstanding' status

Resend Offer Letter Email

Available in 'Offer Decision' status

Resend CAS Letter Email

Available in 'CAS Letter' status

Resend Rejection Letter Email

Available in 'Rejection Confirmed' status

Request Reference Email

Available when a reference has been requested.

For example, the Resend Offer Letter Email can be used to manually send a copy of the Offer Letter to an applicant.

Email Template allows you to upload an HTML template from your Template Builder app which will display across all your emails sent from Applications (Active).

The individual email templates allow you to add default copy for each email, including mail merge fields. The default copy can then be edited to suit the applicant, if required.

You can use the Preview this email button to see how your email will look with sample text.

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