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What is the 'Conditions Outstanding' Status?
What is the 'Conditions Outstanding' Status?

When something extra is needed from the student, their application stays here

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The Conditions Outstanding status is where an application is stored after the offer is made, but there are conditions that have not been satisfied.
The Conditions Outstanding touchpoints will usually deliver the Offer Letter to a student and inform them of how to satisfy any conditions.
When an application is in the Conditions Outstanding status, the following actions are available:

  • Edit offer 

  • Send Offer Letter 

  • Chase by Email

  • Add Document

  • Satisfy Condition

  • Reject 

  • Withdraw 

  • Mark as Paid

The Chase by Email action allows a CRM User to manually send an email to remind the student about their outstanding conditions. This email loads in a template and the content can then be customised if required.
 The Add Document action allows a CRM User to quickly upload a document to the application. This document is evidence that is used towards satisfying conditions.
 The Satisfy Condition action allows a CRM User to mark conditions as satisfied.
The application will remain in the Outstanding Conditions status until all conditions (excluding the deposit condition) are marked as satisfied.

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