The Dashboard lists all statuses by default, with a count of how many applications are in each one. These applications are received from your own Student Records System (in the example below this is SITS). Usually, these come from UCAS, but not always.

Below, however, you will see that two filters have been applied:

  1. the 'Undecided' insights filter has been selected from the choice of 'All applications' (default). 'Undecided', Accepted', 'Rejected'.

  2. the 'All Intakes from 2022' filter from the choice of every year and intake.

After filtering, to see the applications listed in each status just click the magnifying glass.


Q. How can I tell if my occurrence is Passive or Active?

A. See next to the occurrence name at the top.

Q. How does the insights filter split up the statuses?

A. It splits them up into 'All applications' (default) and then the three 'Undecided', Accepted', 'Rejected' options.

Q. What do we do with 'Undecided' applications?

A. Keep working on converting those.

Q. What do we do with 'Accepted' applications?

A. Celebrate your successes.

Q. What do we do with 'Rejected' applications?

A. Reflect on what might have been...


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