Referees on your Application Form

Collect referees from applicants and follow up, Using Active Applications (APS)

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You can ask your applicants to provide you with details of their referees by adding the referee item in your Active Application form when building it in Web Form Manager:

Each referee provided is listed on a new line in the 'Referees' tab on each application. You simply change the 'Contact made' to track how each referee has responded:


Q. How many referees can I collect for one application?

A. As many as you like, you set the max number when building the form.

Q. Can I click a button to contact a referee from within Student CRM?

A. No. You need to click the 'Copy details' and use your preferred (off-platform) method, which might be email, tel, etc.

Q. What information is collected?

A. Relationship to you (user-editable dropdown), Full Name (the student types it all into one field), Position, Email, Tel (with country selector), Organisation, Address.

Q. How do I know if the referee is genuine?

A. You simply change the 'Contact made' to track how each referee has responded. This list of options in the dropdown is fully editable but comes with the following defaults:

  • "1. Not contacted yet"

  • "2. Contacted, waiting"

  • "3. Positive reply"

  • "4. Negative reply"

  • "5. Do not use"


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