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See what you did in Student CRM

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Can't remember when you last edited an event, edited a touchpoint, or looked at a student? You can in your own 'Activity' tab in your User Profile

You can search any app you have used to see what you did for any date period:


Q. Can I see other users' activity?

A. No. And other users can't see yours (User Admins can as they have superpowers).

Q. Who can see all users' activity?

A. Your User Admins can. They created your user account and can change which apps and occurrences you access to.

Q. What is the 'Record ID' used for?

A. It identifies the individual student you were looking at in the Student Database, the individual Touchpoint you were editing in Prospectus Requests, the individual survey you edited in the Surveys app, etc.

Q. What could I search for?

A. Searching looks in App, Occ, Area, Detail, and Record ID. You could search to see all your logins, the Templates you have viewed or edited, which organisations you updated in Contact Manager, and so on.

Q. Is there any PII (Personally Identifiable Data) in the CSV Log download?

A. None. It only shows log entries and IDs. Completely anonymous to anybody who views it off-platform. NB: not all rows contain data in all fields, this is completely normal:

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