What is the Gallery tab?

Let users clone from existing templates using the Gallery

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On the Gallery tab in Template Builder, you'll find ready-made templates and your saved templates.

Ready-Made Templates

These are sample Easy-Built templates which can be used as a base to build your own templates from.

Your Saved Templates

These are templates someone in your establishment has built. You can clone from these templates to make small tweeks, such as changing wording or images, without having to build from scratch.

Best practice advice: Make a 'master' template and save it to the gallery so you always have the basics covered.

To add a template into the gallery

  • Find your template in the Templates Tab

  • Ensure your template is in Draft

  • Tick "Show in Gallery"

  • Tick "Published"

  • Save the template


Q. Can I only save Easy-Built templates to the Gallery?

A. No. You can save both Classic and Easy-Built templates

Q. How do I remove a template from the gallery?

A. You can only remove your saved templates. To remove one from the Gallery, find the template in the Templates tab, set it to draft, uncheck "Show in Gallery", and save.

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