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How can I add a new In-App report?
How can I add a new In-App report?

How new In-App reports are created

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Each Student CRM app contains built-in reports covering a variety of operational reporting needs. Each report allows you to apply filters to view the data you need. You can run Live (new) reports or revisit Saved (stored at the time) reports.

We build and add reports for you. At no charge, one at a time. Just start a conversation.

Quick and simple? Perfect. Remember that In-App reports are simple and quick to use, save and share with colleagues. They usually analyse a metric from within one app over time, for example 'attendance rate % per event over the last 12 months'.

Deep and gnarly? In-App reports are not suited to heavy lifting such as multiple data sets and drill-down. It's better to use a Student CRM Data Packs subscription to allow your Business Analyst (BA) to build them for you in your own Business Intelligence (BI) software.

Note: single-tenant reports have been deprecated

In-App reports used to have two levels of ownership that determined which Universities can use them:

  • Multi-tenant - all universities see and use them for free. ALL REPORTS ARE NOW MULTI-TENANT.

  • Single-tenant - where a proposed new report only has value to one university, they are the ‘commissioning university’ and it is a Single-tenant report. It only gets released to one university. There used to be a cost for each single-tenant report built. WE NO LONGER BUILD SINGLE-TENANT REPORTS.


Q. Why can't I see any/many reports in my reports tab?

A. Maybe your account manager hasn't enabled them for you yet. Simple to do, just ask us. OR, perhaps there are not that many reports yet available for that app, so why not get a new one added for you?

Q. Can I share, save, add notes etc to reports I run?

A. Yes you can. See this article: In-App Reports Viewer

Q. These in-app reports are quite simple, I need a more complex report.

A. It's better to buy a Student CRM Data Packs subscription because you can build anything you want that way, by using a BI solutions from any of the following providers:

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