To assist you with GDPR, you can add Topic conditions on workflows, touchpoints, and to conditional texts. Topics are subjects that a student has agreed to receive information on when they granted you Consent to process their data. For example, you could limit a touchpoint to send only to those who's topics include 'Student Life'.

These are the options available:

Apply as a Workflow condition: 

You can apply a mandatory topic ID to control who enters a workflow. For example, you might Apply the 'Info on your Open Day' topic in Pre-app Open Days. It's recommended to always use mandatory topics, as a student may unsubscribe from an optional topic and thus not enter the workflow.

Apply as a Touchpoint condition:

If you want to send a Topic-specific touchpoint, apply a Topic ID condition to the touchpoint. You can have a separate touchpoint per Topic, but remember a student will get a separate email for each topic. Please note that if you add a Topic ID condition to a touchpoint only students with that Topic selected will receive the touchpoint. Those students without any Consents or Topics will not receive the touchpoint.

Conditional text: 

While it's possible to use a Consent ID as a condition, please remember that a student can only have ONE consent against their record. This consent may change as the student interacts with different apps.

If you would like to know more about Student CRM and GDPR Compliance, visit our GDPR Knowledgebase. 

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