Using Topics in Workflows and Touchpoints

Keeping your students in control of their comms with topics

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To assist you with GDPR, you can add Topic conditions on workflows, touchpoints, and to conditional texts. Topics are subjects that a student has agreed to receive information on when they granted you Consent to process their data. For example, you could limit a touchpoint to send only to those who's topics include 'Student Life'.

These are the options available:

Apply as a Workflow condition: 

You can apply a mandatory topic ID to control who enters a workflow. For example, you might Apply the 'Info on your Open Day' topic in Pre-app Open Days. It's recommended to always use mandatory topics, as a student may unsubscribe from an optional topic and thus not enter the workflow.

Apply as a Touchpoint condition:

If you want to send a Topic-specific touchpoint, apply a Topic ID condition to the touchpoint. You can have a separate touchpoint per Topic, but remember a student will get a separate email for each topic. Please note that if you add a Topic ID condition to a touchpoint only students with that Topic selected will receive the touchpoint. Those students without any Consents or Topics will not receive the touchpoint.

Conditional text: 

While it's possible to use a Consent ID as a condition, please remember that a student can only have ONE consent against their record. This consent may change as the student interacts with different apps.

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