Viewing Consents and Topics for a student

How to see what a student has consented to

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To see which Consents and Topics a student has consented to, find their student record card and take a look at the column on the far right. This will show you the students':

  • Opt-ins

  • Consent Pack

  • Consented Topics

  • When they consented

  • In which App they consented

  • If they have a privacy centre account

Please note that every time a student has another interaction with the CRM, their consent and topics may change. For example, Sally Student makes a prospectus request and consents to the "Subjects and Courses" topic. She then books an open day place, so her consent changes to "Open Day Consent".

If you would like to know more about Student CRM and GDPR Compliance, visit our GDPR Knowledgebase.

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