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Why hasn't a Not Attended Touchpoint gone out?
Why hasn't a Not Attended Touchpoint gone out?

Status change and timing issues for Pre-App Open Days

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The most common reason for a Not Attended touchpoint in POD not sending when expected is because the status change from Booked to Not Attended and Not Attended EOS happens in the early hours of the morning after attendance confirmation.

Why does this status change happen in the morning?

It takes a lot of processing time to decide if each record should be in Not Attended or Not Attended EOS. The processing is therefore done during a quiet period.

Based on your future open day dates and the student's preferred course, the system has to decide if there's anything else they can attend. If there are relevant dates they go on to Not Attended, otherwise they go onto Not Attended EOS.

How does this affect Not Attended touchpoint timing?

Students will only join the Not Attended or Not Attended EOS workflow when their status has been changed. So if you have a touchpoint with a timing of '1 day after status change at 12.00' then this touchpoint will send on the day after the early morning status change, at 12.00.

An example timing would be if Attendance is confirmed at 15:00 on Monday, status change to Not Attended or Not Attended EOS happens at 06:00 on Tuesday. The students would join the appropriate workflow just after 06:00 and the touchpoint would trigger at 12:00 on Wednesday.

Does this also affect Attended touchpoints?

No, the change to 'Attended' status happens as soon as you confirm the attendance on your event. Therefore the touchpoint timing will be counted from the time the event is confirmed.

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