How do I confirm Attendees?

Marking Pre-Applicant students attended or not attended to trigger Touchpoints

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After an open day, you can mark students within the CRM as attending your open day. After marking all the students who turned up as attended, you can confirm your attendees. Confirming your attendees changes the status of all the bookings for the open day to Attended or Not Attended, depending on whether the student attended the open day. This gets used to generate attendance figures and send out post-open day touchpoints. Attendees are marked and confirmed using the Attendees tab of an Open Day within the Pre-App Open Days app.

There are a few ways to mark students as attended, either in bulk or one by one. This article goes into more detail on each method.

Be Aware: This cannot be undone, so it's best to be sure before you click the button.

Once all the relevant students have been ticked as attended, choose "Confirm Attendees" from the "I want to..." drop-down, then click the "More Options" triple dots menu, and select Confirm Attendees.

Finally, follow the instructions and confirm your attendees.

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