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Run, save, and share with your stakeholders: choose any in-app report in any occurrence, from one central location.

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The Report tab in Pulse is where you see and run any in-app report in any occurrence, from one central location.

It is one central list of every in-app report across all apps. You can run Live reports now and you can view your Saved reports too:

⏱️ Saves time: no more visiting every occurrence one at a time. Do it all from here.

What does each Report give me?

You can save, share, download CSV, and favourite any report you run. See details here.

This is a sample of Report 39 - Number of Enquiries Closed per Owner

Description: A graph to show the number of enquiries closed by each owner:

See a live sample report here (PIN = 123456)


Q. Are these reports included in our subscription?

A. Yes. There is nothing extra to pay.

Q. Are they quick to run?

A. Yes. Just one click and it should take only a second or two to appear.

Q. Can I download the data and take it into Excel?

A. Yes. You can download the data from the table as an instant CSV

Q. I see yellow stickies on saved reports, what are they?

A. you or any anonymous viewer can add a note in a yellow sticky. Great for team collaboration.

Q. What filters are there?

A. Just the date range. See all data or a custom date range. Very simple to use.

Q. Can I share a report with somebody not logged in to Student CRM?

A. Yes. You save it first, share it with an expiry date and lock it with a PIN. Just send the to anybody to view. They must enter the correct PIN.

Q. What happens after a shared report expires?

A. The viewer sees 'Report no longer available'.

Q. Where do I see my Saved reports?

A. In the first filter.

Q. Are the in-app reports also still in each app?

A. Yes.

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