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Student CRM includes built-in reports and can also give you access to your data in an online Data Warehouse.

On-Platform Reporting

  • In-app Reports - Built-in dashboards and reports “how many open day bookings?”

  • Email Reports - Built-in reports that measure email delivery, opens, clicks and links.

  • SMS Reports - Built-in reports that measure SMS deliveries.

Off-Platform Reporting

  • Web Tracking - Using Google Analytics.

  • Business Intelligence Reports - Using Power BI from Microsoft.


Q. Do I need to build any reports myself?

A. Not if you don't want to. Just use the in-app reports included with your subscription.

Q. Our Planning Team uses their own reporting tool, will our Student CRM data work with it?

A. Yes. All off-platform reporting lets you connect any BI tool you use to a secure data warehouse and get daily updates of your own Student CRM data to run your own reports.

Q. Can I share in-app reports with my colleagues?

A. Yes. With PINs and expiry dates too. Have a look at a live report now (use the PIN '123456' to open it at


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