The Reports Viewer enables you to work more collaboratively with your colleagues.

Saving Reports

This is the crux of how the viewer works. First choose from the list of live reports and run one.

Filter the data so you can see the date range you want:

Once the live report has run, and you've filtered the date range you want, you can save that report by clicking the 'more options' menu and selecting 'Save'. 

This saves a static view of the live report (chart and table). Here you can choose who can see the report, and if you want to add any notes for your colleagues to read and respond to. 

These reports are saved forever and are accessible via the 'Saved reports' dropdown.

Sharing Reports

Once a report has been saved, it can be shared both on-platform and off-platform. To share on-platform, simply ensure you set the visibility to "All users" when saving. It is now available to any of your colleagues who have access to that occurrence.

To ensure the security of your data when sharing off-platform you can lock down your reports using a six-character PIN (letters and numbers) and add an expiration date:

This means that when you send the link, whoever visits the link will need to put in the PIN before gaining access to the report.

You can see from the tools along the blue bar what the status of each of these features is.

Once a saved report has been shared, you and your colleagues - even if they're not signed in - can work collaboratively by adding notes into the report.

Downloading CSV data

You can download the table data as CSV from any saved report, but you must be logged in to Student CRM to do this.

Simply choose the 'Download CSV' from the 'more options' menu and you get an instant download, which you can open in Excel:

Favourite Reports

Favouriting a report is great if you have to run a report multiple times, for example a weekly iteration. Simply click the little star next to a report, then next time click “Favourite” in the header to sort all your starred reports to the top.  

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