How much data can we store in Student CRM?

Are there any limits or caps to our data?

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Data Storage is an all-you-can-eat data plan.  There is no charge or cap for data storage, regardless of how much you use*. 

This includes: student records, touchpoint templates, application-related files, files in Document Library – everything! 

*OK, nothing in life is totally unlimited. But if you ended up storing 1,000,000 students and the usual associated files, we wouldn't even ask what you were doing, never mind sending an invoice.

If we spotted an unusual amount of disk storage being used we may discuss with you the reasons behind this, and would verify that the account is being used in accordance with your wishes, but we have no plans to charge you. We are more likely to increase our infrastructure accordingly than to penalise you with a limit. 

We made this change in Summer 2014 because the price of disc storage globally has plummeted in recent years so we do not limit it or charge for it.

 This also applies to our previous 100MB limit in Document Library – this limit has been removed and is also on the all-you-can-eat data plan.

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