Event Manager includes a responsive booking form that you can adjust to suit your branding. You can add a header and footer image, change the page titles and adjust some of the other features on the booking form. All events in an occurrence of Event Manager share this booking form template.

Event Manager Super Users can find these settings under Setup > Form

1. Appearance:

Choose your Theme, and upload a header and footer image. These will apply to all the booking pages below.

2. Find An Event:

This page is accessed by using the occurrence or 'Stream' URL. As mentioned above, it is only used if you have turned on either the Course or Country filters. You can change the title and add header and footer text to the page.

3. Choose An Event:

Accessed directly by the Event URL. Usually one Event (or several if you have chosen to group Events). You can change the title and add header and footer text to the page.

4. Your Details:

The data collection page. Here, you can change the title, add header and footer text to the page, as well as select which fields should appear. You can request custom fields be added to the bottom of this form if you require it. Please submit a support request if this is something you would like to do.

5. Your Booking

The last page of the booking process, including the entry barcode. You can change the page title but the text for this page comes from the 'Confirmation Page' text on each Event you set up.

6. Web Tracking

Copy and paste your tracking code into this field. You can add as many different codes as you like.

Theme Previewer

Event Manager Forms now includes the same Theme Previewer tool as Applicant and Pre-applicant Open Days, which allows you to try different themes and see what they look like before making the change to your live form.

Switch between several pre-built themes or add your own CSS code. You can view how your responsive theme will look on several sizes of device.

In addition, there are some other options for Event Manager which can be turned on per occurrence, such as Occupation and International options. Read more about the different Event Manager setup options here.

Get in touch if you have any questions about setting up your Booking Form.

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