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Event Manager - booking form field controls
Event Manager - booking form field controls

How you control the fields that appear on your EVM booking form

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In Event Manager (EVM) you can collect as few as 4 fields per booking, or up to 22 fields if you like.


Party size: To calculate remaining event capacity
First Name: Required to create or match a student record
Last Name: Required to create or match a student record
Email: Required to create or match a student record

Having only 4 fields to complete makes online booking fast for your students:

You can choose to collect more fields if you like. This then gives you richer data to work with your workflows, touchpoints, segments and campaigns.

TIP: If you are uncertain how much to collect remember that the more fields you include, the longer it takes and the chances of the students bailing out of the form before submitting it increases.

How to use field controls

In Step 4 'Your Details' you check each field's 'Display' on or off from this selection. (Note that you can also use up to 5 custom fields.)

This is the full list of fields available:

Year of entry: 2021
Level of Study: Undergraduate
Campus: City Campus
Course: Computer Science BSc

Party size: 2
First Name: Dom
Last Name: Yeadon
Mobile: +44 7979 9999999
[Address Lookup] (this is the tool that find addresses worldwide)
Address1, Address 2
Town, County: 5 Spring Street, Green Common, Grangeton, Kent
Postcode: CF4 9YY
Country: United Kingdom
School/Org: Central School
Occupation: Student
Special reqs: Allergy to peanuts
Custom 1: (collect whatever you want here)
Custom 2: (collect whatever you want here)
Custom 3: (collect whatever you want here)
Custom 4: (collect whatever you want here)
Custom 5: (collect whatever you want here)

Consent: (merged in from your GDPR Privacy Centre)


Q. What type of data can I collect in a custom field?

A. For each of the 5 custom fields you can choose from: free text, big text (ie: for a long story), dropdown, checkbox or radio buttons.

Q. How do I change the Custom Field labels on the booking form?

A. For now, please ask us and we will do it for you (a DIY feature is on the way).

Q. Why would I collect Academic selection fields on this page? I thought they were collected earlier in the form.

A. Yes they are also collected earlier in the form (and if so they just appear already completed if you select them on this page. However, if you are using the public Event Calendar, that jumps past the Academic selector page so you need to collect them here instead.

Q. Can I have a different form design for each event?

A. All events running inside one occurrence of Event Manager share one common booking form, so no those events can't have a different form design. However, simply use a different occurrence to create a new form design.

Q. Why isn't "Occupation" showing?

A. The Occupation field only shows when you've selected different types of "Registration Type". If you don't see these, it's because that occurrence is only set to Student Registrations in the Admin panel. Please contact Customer Support if you'd like to change this.

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