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How to add a Course of Interest to a student without them completing a web form

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Officers can add a Course of Interest to any student without the student completing a web form, by using the 'Add a Course' feature in the app Enquiries (ENQ) or the app Student Database (SDB):

The same Academic Selector that your web forms use

When you click to Add a Course you use the same Academic Selector as your web forms, but with one important distinction: you don't have to complete all the fields. Only Year of Entry and Notes are required to complete the form, all others can be blank.

Why this is helpful

  1. Email enquiries: when sending in an enquiry the student may well start out being interested in one course and your officers might then advise them of a more suitable course. Easy, just add that as a new Course of Interest from the app Enquiries (ENQ).

  2. Walk-ins: your reception officers can add a new student in the app Student Database (SDB) and then add the course the student is interested in.

  3. Inbound tel calls: just like with walk-ins.

  4. Post received: just like with walk-ins.

What about previous Courses of Interest?

They are all stored and are visible and searchable:

A typical student may well be interested in several courses and these show on their Student Record Card, like this example where the student is most recently interested in 2021 entry on the Accountancy BA course:


Q. If I make a mistake can I do it again?

A. Yes, simply do it again and the new Course will be saved into the student record, updating the previous one, which then lists as a previous Course of Interest.

Q. Why must I add a note?

A. Every officer that adds a Course of Interest to a student is required to add a note explaining why they did so - something like: "the Student told me in an enquiry", etc. so that other officers can see where the info came from.

Q. Why must I use the Academic selectors when I just want to type in 'Law'?

A. By using the Academic filters you are ensuring that the data is correctly assigned to a course in your app Courses & Subject (CRS). "Law' is too loose to be of any use when searching, setting Touchpoint conditions and so on.

Q. I can't see the Course I want.

A. Contact the member of your team who is responsible for keeping your Courses updated and tell them - they can fix that for you.

Q. Can I remove a Course of Interest?

A. No. That is a matter of record.

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