Subjects is a simple way to organise all of your courses into a useful categories inside Student CRM. This means your students can choose their subject of interest from a broad list. Very useful if they haven't made their minds up yet!

Subjects are found within your Courses app. 

Your Subjects Summary will start off blank. In order to use Subjects you'll need to provide the CRM Support Team with the names of all the Subjects you'd like to use for each Faculty. Please contact the team with your list, by submitting a support request. The CRM Support Team will confirm when all of your Subjects are set up in the Summary.

Here you can see all Subjects in your establishment, regardless of their association with a course or not (show on the Courses column).

Now it's just a matter of associating your courses with an appropriate Subject.

Please note: Each Course can be associated with multiple Subjects. This allows a lot of flexibility in how you use Subjects.

To edit the Courses in your Subjects:

  1. Select the relevant year of entry by selecting from the option in the drop down list.

  2. Click on the pencil icon next to your Subject in the Actions column. You'll end up on the Edit Subject page.

  3. Drag the courses you want to include in this Subject across. Move them back the other way if you want to remove it.

  4. Got a long list? Search for courses by course name, course code or UCAS code.

Please note: If you need to edit your subjects after the initial import you'll need to contact the Customer Services team again to do this for you. All forms will update automatically, all courses will remain under the subject. The only thing that won't change is existing subjects on a student's record.

Importing - Please note: When importing records, the subject must match exactly what is in the CRM, including the case-sensitivity of the subject. For example, if the CRM has the subject listed as "3D", the import cannot list "3d" or the record will be rejected.

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