Using the "long press" on a Moblie Event Capture form, you can exit the form. From here, you can either return to the settings of the app or add an Admin Note to the last submitted record. 

To add a note just after the student has submitted their details:

  • Hold your finger on the screen for approximately 4 seconds, away from any text boxes.

  • Enter your PIN as prompted.

  • Select "Edit last record".

  • Scroll down to find the Admin Note box, and enter your note.

It can be useful to put something to help your admissions team recruit the student. For example, you could put a note to send the student more information, or an overview of your conversation. Note that if you have "auto-sync" enabled you will need to do this as soon as the record is entered, or it may have already synced to the CRM.

To return to the settings:

  • Long-press the screen outside the form.

  • Enter your PIN as prompted.

  • Select "Return to events".

From here, you can administer your forms and other settings. If the records have not been synced, you can edit the record as above with an Admin Note. Note that if the record has been synced it cannot be edited from the app.

See the video below for a demonstration:

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