Using the death/fraud flag

Stop all communications permanently in case of death or fraud

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If you have been informed of a student's death or where a student's details have been entered fraudulently, you are able to mark a Student Record as Death/Fraud within the Student's Record Card. This prevents all future communications from being sent to this student.

To enable Death/Fraud for a Student Record:

  1. Find the student's record (there may be more than one).

  2. Click into the "Sensitive" tab. You may need to request a change of permission from your User Admin to see this tab.

  3. Edit the student's record.

  4. Change the Death/Fraud field to 'Yes'.

  5. Click the 'Save' button.

The student's record will now be marked as Death/Fraud the record now looks like this:

  1. Death/Fraud set to yes.

  2. A warning icon now appears next to the student's name, and also in the "Sensitive" tab.

  3. You can no longer communicate with the student using the More Options menu.

Is the student in your Student Records System?

If you have the student's details within your SRS and you continue to send them via the Passive or Active Applications API, as long as the details provided match with the existing student's record, it will remain marked as Death/Fraud and no communications will be sent.

We would advise removing the student from the API feeds as soon as possible.


Q. Is the student still in Student CRM, after I have marked them as 'Death/Fraud'?

A. Yes – they haven't been deleted, only hidden.

Q. Are my Death/Fraud students still visible in the CRM?

A. Not during your day-to-day activities. You'll be unable to:

  • Search for them using the "Find" tool

  • Search for them within Student Database

  • See them in the Student Database listing

  • See them normally in Segments

Q. If I need to find them later, how do I do that?

A. In Campaign Manager, create a segment with the filter 'Student Database Death/Fraud = yes'.

Using this explicit method is the only way you'll be able to see Death/Fraud students.

Q. What about sending Death/Fraud students comms?

A. These students are automatically excluded from any grab/ ad-hoc, campaign, touchpoint, or direct-to-student comms you might send out from the platform.

Q. What about downloads?

A. The only way to download Death/Fraud students is to use the explicit segment above and create a campaign download. They won't be included in any ad-hoc or SDD downloads.

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