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Got a Feature Request?
Got a Feature Request?

How to get your request built into Student CRM.

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Some of the best features started with a user asking "can it do XXX?" We really appreciate the time taken to suggest new ideas.

Reality: Not all feature requests make it, for many reasons. Yours might or it might not.

To manage the process we have a system to follow. It works well and requires the requests to go via the Student CRM User Group to vote on and prioritise. If voted up and onto the 'features to be built' list it gets added to the schedule, developed in turn and released.

Development can take as little as a few weeks or much as many months, based on complexity.

Your University is likely already a member of the Student CRM User Group and already giving us feedback on the product via the User Group. If you'd like to contribute your request you can do so via your User Group Representative.

This person is likely to be a Superuser or a User Admin, and is usually the key point of contact between your establishment and Student CRM.

More information about features already requested can be found in The User Blog where you can see:

  • User Group meetups

  • Delivered and scheduled features

  • Important product notes

Find out more on The User Blog (ask us for a password).

How long will it take?

Some feature requests are 'obvious' and 'technically straightforward' and can be released in a month or two. Other requests may have significant implications for other existing features in Student CRM, and these requests can take 12 months or more to be released.

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