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What is the Student CRM User Group?
What is the Student CRM User Group?

Get involved in shaping Student CRM

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Student CRM’s User Group

Are you ready to join the Student CRM’s User Group? This is an incredible opportunity for all of our clients to come together and join in. Whether you are an admin, a regular user, or a senior stakeholder you're welcome at the User Group.

Why Join the User Group?

The group meets quarterly (usually virtually) to share CRM best practice, and work collaboratively with us to develop the product and service.

Joining the User Group gives you an opportunity to

  • Hear Roadmap updates straight from Founder Dom Yeadon

  • Get access to our Feature Request Forum and vote on feature ideas

  • Talk directly to other Student CRM users

How Do I Join?

Joining the User Group is simple! Just talk to a User Admin at your establishment and ask them to update your profile as a User Group Rep. You'll then receive invitations to the User Group and access to the Feature Request Forum. (Please be aware we do monitor how many User Group Representatives are appointed for each client, to ensure we have a balanced representation from each client, particularly when voting on feature ideas.)


In April 2016 Student CRM users from UK Universities, already in touch online via the Student CRM Community Portal, arranged to all meet up in person at City, University of London. Ryan Taylor, Head of Digital at City, was interested to find out how other Universities were getting the most value from this UK based SaaS solution.

The gathering of like-minded student recruitment professionals has evolved into the Student CRM Universities 'User Group’. This April meeting was to become the inaugural forum for this user group, now open to all Student CRM users in other Universities who wish to participate.

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