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Other tips for Feature Requests
Other tips for Feature Requests

Notifications, Searching and Sorting Requests

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When you navigate to the Roadmap you'll be able to see instantly if there have been any updates to feature suggestions or conversations by the green number next to the Bell icon.

Sorting and Filtering 

You can change the order of suggestions between:

  • Trending - Showing the suggestions with most recent activity

  • Top - Showing the suggestions with most votes

  • New - Showing the most recent suggestions 

You can also filter the suggestions by status:

  • Under Review - We are estimating the work required to do this.

  • Planned - This feature is now on the Product Roadmap, and will be built.

  • In Progress  - This feature is being worked on currently. 

  • Complete -  This feature has shipped. 

  • My Own - View all the suggestions you've made

Statuses are assigned by a Student CRM admin after the suggestion has been discussed and agreed on at a User Group Meet-up.

There are two statuses which you cannot sort by, but you may still see.

  • Open - This is any feature suggestions without another status. These are features that are currently being voted on.

  • Closed - This feature has been closed without being built.


For easier searching, a Student CRM Admin will add both a unique DHFR number and a App's shortcode to the post title. To find an App's shortcode, please see this article.

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