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What is the Roadmap?

See how often we update Student CRM, and what is around the corner

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We improve Student CRM all the time, increasing the benefits and value to you and your teams.

To track all the new features we show you the product updates we are working on so you can follow our progress. This Roadmap is available to users when signed in to Student CRM.

Roadmap tab

The Roadmap tab is where you can see all product updates that we are working on, together with their planned ship date and progress to completion. You can also filter to see what we shipped in the past, using the status filter:

In this screenshot filtering by status 'planned' has found 6 items we are working on:

Use these filters to see what we are doing

Filter 3 "planned" lists jobs we have PLANNED to deliver, but are not ready yet

Filter 5 "reqs ready" list jobs that we have completed the technical and UI REQUIREMENTS for and can start soon:

Filter 7 "wip" lists jobs that are WORK IN PROGRESS today, this updates almost daily:

Filter 9 "finished" lists jobs we have FINISHED and are available to use:

Feature Requests tab

The Feature Requests tab is where users’ feature requests get added by certain users (see FAQs below) and voted for across all Student CRM universities. Voting indicates how popular each feature request is and helps us to choose the product updates we build.


Q. Are the due dates for feature releases guaranteed?

A. No. This is what we aim for (and usually get close to - ie: within a week or two), but predicting how long software will take to plan, code, test, and ship is an inexact science, so we ask you to bear that in mind.

Q. How does a user add a Feature Request to be voted on?

A. If you have a suggestion for a new feature please ask your representative to add it to the Roadmap so others can vote for it.

Q. How do users get access to the Roadmap?

A. It’s only available to User Group Representatives and Observers. Every Institution within Student CRM has one nominated representative, known as the User Group Representative (UGRs), and one or two User Group Observers (UGOs). Read more.

Q. I am this university's User Group Representative, so where do I find the Roadmap?

A. You can find the link to the Roadmap in the Jump menu (top left):

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