Please note this article refers to permanently removing your data from Student CRM. Please see this article if you want to export a small amount of data for use offline.

Your student data is stored in Student CRM in a particular format (complex). Returning your student data to you (as a simple CSV file) imposes certain limitations, so not all fields and values can be included. What we provide is a data file of Students and a data file of Logs. Both data files are in CSV format with a header record in the first row.

The Student data file contains the very latest values in the Student Database and includes the following fields:

Student_establishment_name, Student_id, Student_title, Student_first_name, Student_middle_name, Student_last_name, Student_email_address, Student_telephone_number, Student_mobile_number, Student_address_1, Student_address_2, Student_address_3, Student_town, Student_county, Student_postcode, Student_country_name, Student_date_of_birth, Student_gender, Student_ucas_applicant_ref, Student_nationality_name, Student_created, Student_modified, Student_mis_code, Student_year_of_entry, Student_opt_in_email, Student_opt_in_sms, Student_opt_in_postal, Student_opt_in_phone, Student_course_name, Student_course_aim, Student_course_ucas_code, Student_source, Student_occupation, Student_level_name, Student_faculty_name.

The Logs data file contains all activities logged against each student, ie: ‘requested a prospectus on (date)’, etc, and includes the following fields:

Log_id, Log_establishment_name, Log_module_name, Log_module_occurrence_name, Log_user_name, Log_student_id, Log_log_entry, Log_created, Log_modified

How do I request my data?

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