The Prospectus Requests app allows Establishments to collect and fulfil online requests for prospectuses. It also allows follow-up communications. 

The Dashboard tab allows you to see brief stats of recent prospectus request activity. 

The Requests tab allows you to see a quick preview of the individual prospectus request records and apply filters to find specific records. A Full Data View is also available which shows the record with all the information supplied by the individual.

The Ad-Hocs tab allows you to see all the Ad-Hocs that have been created, pending, or sent within the Prospectus Request App.

The Report tab gives you access to many different Prospectus Request reports.

The Links tab brings up a list of links to your Prospectus Request forms.

On the right-hand side, there is the Settings Cog. If you are a Super User this will give you access to Prospectus Request settings and allow you to make changes to your Touchpoints.

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