An entire year of courses can be entered, edited and added to before publishing the courses to your public forms.
This allows you to make changes or additions without the fear of anybody seeing a work in progress. Students can only see the finished courses once you have decided they are ready to be published.

If you need to make an alteration 6 months later, you can unpublish the courses, make your changes and republish without affecting the student experience of using the public forms.

Publishing a Year of courses, by Level of Study

To publish a Year of Courses, select the Year of Entry, Level of Study and "Draft" from the drop-downs. Next, click the three dots to the right of the screen and click the Publish button. All your public forms will automatically update with the new or revised list of courses.

Unpublishing a Year of courses, by Level of Study

To unpublish a Year of Courses, click the three dots again, and click the Unpublish button. Your public forms will use the latest published list of courses until you republish the current list of courses.

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