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How can I use Workflows in my Communications Plans for my Applications?
How can I use Workflows in my Communications Plans for my Applications?

Using Workflows and Touchpoints to contact your Applied students

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Applications Workflows

The Applications app is designed to be used with a status-based communications plan. This means as an application changes status, the application will move onto a different workflow triggering any automated email touchpoints that are set up.

This approach means that it doesn't matter when the application comes into the Applications app or has a status change, the communications will be sent. You don't need to set yourself reminders to contact applicants at a certain time in the applications cycle.

Here's an example of the type of workflows used in applications:

Combination Conditions

In addition to the single status Conditions shown above, you can have combination condition of Status and Last Status. The example below shows two workflows where the applications have moved from one status to another. Only applications which match that criteria exactly would move onto the workflow and receive those communications.

Best practice is to have a workflow that deals with each application status and have appropriate touchpoints at that stage of the journey.

Applicants move from workflow to workflow as they change status. If you want to, you can set extra conditions on the touchpoints for applicants in different situations, such as offer holders from overseas or in a particular course grouping.

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