What is the "Need CAS" status?

For International students, a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number is required

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The Need CAS status is where applications that belong to International departments arrive after verification. Applications will remain in the Need CAS status until a CAS number is submitted for that application.

To understand more about what a CAS number is, see this article.

When an application is in the Need CAS status, the following actions are available:

  • Add CAS Number

The Add CAS Number action will take the user to the "More Info" tab. At the bottom of the page is a space for the Applicant's CAS number. Once this is entered and saved, the Application will move to CAS Letter status.

On the CAS Letter status, you can generate the CAS Letter.

Once this is sent, the Application will move to Completed Status. The letter will either be sent via a Touchpoint or made available on the Applicant's portal, if you are using it.

An officer can also view the letter on the Application's Documents tab.

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