Each time a segment has been run, a ‘Results #ID’ will automatically be assigned. This allows the option to use ‘Previous Results’ within the filter, plus build on it to provide the data you may require. Any time you use a segment results inside another segment, the nested segment results will update at the same you run your master segment.

Where can I locate the Result #ID?

Select the Results tab from within Segments, this will display all previously run segments. The Results ID will be displayed in the list of run segments.

When would I need to use ‘Previous Results’?

If you required data for students that had a specific application status that was also assigned a specific ‘Course UCAS Code’, the segments would need to be done in 2 halves to allow the data to be returned accurately and as expected.

For Example:

By using the filter below this will pull data against any student that meets either one of the 3 filters that have been entered.

Resulting in any student that is within the ‘Conditional’ application status OR within the ‘Conditional Firm’ application status OR with the ‘Course UCAS Code’ as W100 to appear within the returned results.

In order to allow students to be within the ‘Application’ status of Conditional OR Conditional Firm, that additionally has the entered Course UCAS Code, the first segment required will need to contain filters with only the Application statuses. You can then create a second segment based on ‘Previous Results’ plus the additional filter or Course UCAS Code.

Please note: You cannot use self-referential Segment Results' IDs, i.e. those which refer to a segment in which you've used that segment result ID.

For example: Segment 2 cannot refer to segment 1, if Segment 1 also contains a reference to Segment 2.

Best Practice Advice: If a segment is deleted or unshared with you, then any segments or campaigns which rely on that segment will no longer work. We highly recommend that you make a copy of the segment in question to avoid that happening.

For example: Segment 2 uses Segment 1 as part of the conditions. Segment 1 is owned by another person, and in the process of tidying their segments, they delete Segment 1. Segment 2 now shows "Nested segment (Segment not shared)" in the conditions and will not process.

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