Segments is a filtering tool which allows you to specify a particular subset of your database.

You can combine filters to drill down and create a list of students which meet your criteria.
The results will allow you to grab the information in order to send a Campaign or to Download the records.

Building your Segment

A very simple example would be to list all of the students with a particular year of entry.

How to create a Segment within an App

Within an app, select the 'Segments' tab.

You will be presented with the screen below where the criteria for the segments is required.

Your Segment consists of four elements:

Which set of data would you like to filter by? Applications, Students or Previous Results. In this example, we're using Applications. This searches the Applications data tables.

Which field specifically? You can choose nearly any field in the database. In this case it's the Year of Entry of the application.

The operator. For example, 'is', 'contains', 'is empty', 'is less than'. The list of operators depends on the data you have chosen.

Your search terms. What it is that you'd like to search for. In this case we are looking for 2016.

Name your segment - This is the title of which you are allocating to this particular segment result

Sharing - Who will be able to see this segment? You can keep it for just yourself, or select "All users" to share with everyone.

Add Filters - You have 2 options to run your filters against.

1 - Search for Applications that match all of these filters: = And

2 - And who also match one or more of these filters: = Or

An easy way that we find helps up to remember how the filters work is by:

"Think of someone rowing - hands (and) above the water and oars (or) below the water."

To remove a filter simply select the

icon located right hand side of the filter selection.

The option for numerous filters can be applied however please note Duplication of the same filters and fields will not pull back results if entered within the top filter (and).

Once you have completed the required fields click Save & Run.

A message will appear at the top of the screen advising:

Your results will show as "# Records" under the segment details.

How to view previously run segments 

Click on the Segments tab.

This will display all your previously run Segments, and any that have been shared with you.

Selecting the edit pencil will bring up the criteria of what was originally entered. Selecting the number located under Status will provide you with the data that matches the criteria entered.

When selecting the segment name, this presents with the option to ‘Save as new segment’

This will allow you to easily create segments based on previous searches – the wording ‘copy’ will automatically populate (each segment run will require a different Name).

When select the number of results, you will be presented with a preview of the data, located top left hand side will clearly indicate the filters that have been applied.

From this view, the option to create a Campaign is available by selecting ‘Grab’, if you have the correct permissions to Campaigns.

Please select the links for the guides on What is Grab? or How do I use Grab?

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