The New status is where you will find all the brand new applications that have not had any actions carried out on them.
The New status touchpoints should inform the student that their application has been received, that it will be processed shortly, and they will be notified of future progress.
When an application is in the New status, the following actions are available:

  • Make Offer

  • Refer

  • Reject

The Make Offer action allows a CRM User to make an offer to the student. They do this by adding a condition the student must fulfil to meet the entry requirements for the course they have applied for. These conditions may be; academic, legal, or financial and are set by the User making the offer. Once the Offer has been confirmed the application will move to the Conditions Outstanding status.
The Refer action allows a CRM User to refer the application to a colleague for a second opinion. Once the referral has been sent, the application will move to the Pending status.
The Reject action allows a CRM User to reject an application. When rejecting an application, the User must enter a reason for the rejection. Once the application has been rejected, it will move to the Rejected status.

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