The mobile entry pass allows you to send a mobile-friendly barcode to your students in an email touchpoint, perhaps on the day before your events.

Paste this code into the 'Source' of your touchpoints:

<strong>Present this barcode to gain entry</strong>

<img alt="Booking Ref:[xxxInvitee.booking_refxxx]" src="[xxxInvitee.booking_refxxx]/200/3" title="Switch on images to view your fast-track registration barcode" />

<p>[xxxStudent.first_namexxx] [xxxStudent.last_namexxx]
<br /> Establishmentname University Events (<a href="maplinkgoes here">map</a>)
<br />[xxxEvent.event_datexxx]
<br />Booking Ref:[xxxInvitee.booking_refxxx]
<br /><a href="[xxxInvitee.booking_confirm_linkxxx]">View Your Personal Programme</a>

You must then follow these critical next steps:

  1. Insert your Establishment name instead of "Establishmentname University"

  2. Find your university on Google maps and replace the map link in "maplinkgoes here"

  3. Send yourself a preview

  4. Click all the links and make sure they go to the right place.

The end result will look like this - you can change the styling in the Touchpoint or Template editor to suit your brand:

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