The Event Manager app allows you to promote, take and manage bookings for all year-round on-campus recruitment events. The app can send out email invites, chasers, confirmations, reminders and can even capture attendees via handheld barcode readers on the day of the event.

1. Online bookings

Online bookings are made on your (public-facing) event booking web pages. We apply your branding on these pages to match your existing website.

1.1 Booking form

All booking data is stored in the app and the student gets an immediate confirmation email.

2. Direct or Group bookings

The system can take bookings in two different ways:

  • Direct

  • Group (moderated).

Direct bookings

These allow the booker’s info to go into Event Manager as a CONFIRMED direct booking and touchpoints start automatically.

Group bookings (moderated)
These send the booker’s info into Event Manager as a PENDING group booking, so you can contact them to discuss and finalise the booking with them before it is confirmed – really useful for larger group bookings.

3. Using Event Types

This app supports unlimited event types, e.g.Tours, Taster Days, etc.

Each event type can have its own workflow and branding for all touchpoints in that workflow including confirmation email, reminder, etc.

5. Sending email invites
If you have added an invitee list from the student CRM the app will send out email invites and chasers.

  • Invitees who click through from an email invite use their ‘booking ref’ for fast registration.

  • People who see an offline promotion, e.g. a poster with the special URL have to complete full details when booking online.

  • Bookings taken by telephone, email or post can be registered by users.

  • Bookings close 3 days before an event.

6. Event-specific URLs

Each event you add gets its own URL that opens the Home Page with that event listed, e.g. Use these if you want to publicise that particular event online or offline.

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