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How do I add the mobile entry pass barcode for Event Manager (EVM)?
How do I add the mobile entry pass barcode for Event Manager (EVM)?

Setting up to scan in your students

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The Mobile Entry Pass allows you to send a mobile-friendly QR Code to your students in an email touchpoint, either immediately after the Student books or as a reminder the day before your event.

Adding the QR Code

Adding a QR Code to your Touchpoints is simple. Click the miniature QR code button in the content editor, highlighted in Yellow below, and amend the settings. If you want to change the settings, double-click the QR Code to bring the modal back.

  • Size Slider

    This allows you to set the size of your QR Code. QR Codes must always be square and never smaller than 200 x 200px.

  • Background

    • This changes the colour of the QR Code pattern. The palette is drawn from your establishment's brand colours, or you can add by hexadecimal code.

    ❗ We recommend sticking to dark colours; lighter ones may not scan correctly. Always test your chosen colour with an app like Google Lens before setting the Touchpoint live.

  • Details

    This allows you to add or remove the booking details β€” such as the Student's name, event booked, and booking ID β€” in a neat package, as shown highlighted in red above. "Show" will bring these details in; if you don't want to include them or change your mind after adding them, "hide" will remove them.

  • Adding a link back to the Student's Booking

    If you want to add a link so that the Student can get back to their booking, you'll need to put the "booking_confirm_link" merge tag in as a URL, like this:

    <p><a href="[xxxInvitee.booking_confirm_linkxxx]">View Your Personal Programme</a></p>

Want a Barcode instead?

To add a standard-style barcode, you'll need to copy the HTML from below into the Source within your Touchpoint:

<strong>Present this barcode to gain entry</strong>

<img alt="Booking Ref:[xxxInvitee.booking_refxxx]" src="[xxxInvitee.booking_refxxx]/200/3" title="Switch on images to view your fast-track registration barcode" />

<p>[xxxStudent.first_namexxx] [xxxStudent.last_namexxx]
<br /> Establishmentname University Events (<a href="maplinkgoes here">map</a>)
<br />[xxxEvent.event_datexxx]
<br />Booking Ref:[xxxInvitee.booking_refxxx]
<br /><a href="[xxxInvitee.booking_confirm_linkxxx]">View Your Personal Programme</a>

You must then follow these critical next steps:

  1. Insert your Establishment name instead of "Establishmentname University"

  2. Find your university on Google maps and replace the map link in "maplinkgoes here"

  3. Send yourself a preview

  4. Click all the links and make sure they go to the right place.

The end result will look like this - you can change the styling in the Touchpoint or Template editor to suit your brand:


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