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How do I mark Attendees in Event Manager?
How do I mark Attendees in Event Manager?

Confirming all those who attended your event

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Once an Event day has passed you will need to manually go in and mark the students as Attended.

How to mark a 'Registered' student as Attended: 

From within the Events app, select the view for 'Show Past Events'

Select the 'View this Event' icon for the event in which you require students to be marked as attended.

Select the 'Attendees' tab

This will direct you to the Event information were you find a list of 'Registrants' at the bottom of the page. You can then tick the 'Attended' option for each attendee you find on the list.

Dependant on the size of the list you may be better to use the 'Search all Students' function.

Enter in the students 'Email Address', 'Last Name' or 'First Name' and select 'Search'.

If a student matches any of the criteria entered they will display within the 'Registrants' list where the 'Add a booking for this student and mark as attended' icon will display allowing attended marking to be done quickly.

How to mark an on the day booking as Attended: 

You may have noticed that when 'Search all students' is used the option to 'Add Booking' displays after the search has complete. This will allow you to manually add on the day bookings as attended for this event.

You will need to ensure all student data is entered in order for the booking to be created.

Confirming Attendees

Once you have marked all of your attendees in the list you'll need to confirm attendance by clicking 'Confirm Attendees'. This cannot be undone, so it's best to be sure before you click the button.

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