Marking event attendance in POD

Marking attendance after the event - who turned up?

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  • Before an event you can see how many bookings you have, let's say "150".

  • After an event you then need to see how many attended, let's say "100".

In the 'Attendees' tab, you have three ways of marking attendance:

1. Mark attendees from bookings

After the event: tick the bookings on the list as having attended. As you tick each one it auto-saves and moves it from this list to the 'Confirm Attendees' list. (You can untick it there and it comes back into this list if you want to practice).

TIP: use the 'Select all' link if you have lots of bookings.

2. Mark attendees (multiple)

After the event: choose between bulk emails or bulk barcodes.

Emails: Paste in the emails of those who attended.

This is perfect if you use a solution like Unibuddy where you can download a list of who turned up at the event. Just copy the emails column in that download and paste it in. Click 'Process emails' and it marks all the bookings it finds with a matching email at once.

TIP: You can download the emails that didn't match afterwards - maybe you might want to try those in method #3 below.

Barcodes: Paste in the barcodes of those who attended.

We still support bulk barcodes for those institutions who use their own Opticon PX-20 handheld barcode scanners. To see how to get the bulk list of barcodes see the articles How do I use the Opticon PX-20 in Batch Mode? and How do I use the Opticon PX-20 Barcode Scanner?

TIP: You can download the barcodes (booking refs) that didn't match afterwards.

3. Add an on-the-day booking

During and after the event: when you can't find the individual in the event bookings list in method 1 you can use this method.

It searches the Student Database and lets you match an existing student:

You then complete the form to save a new booking and an attendance for that student. It can then be seen in the 'Confirm Attendees' list.

If you can't match an existing student you can create a new student record and an on-the-day booking at the same time.

Once you're happy you have marked up all of your attendees, you can 'Confirm Attendees'. This article will give you more info on the process and what happens after you've confirmed attendance.


Q. Our officers are scanning visitors as they arrive at a physical event using the free Event Day Scanner app, how does that work?

A. As each visitor is scanned by an officer it gets synced into the cloud and does the job of marking attendance for you. There is nothing for you to do.

Q. What level of permission do I need to mark attendance?

A. Read and write

Q. Is there a limit to the number of multiple bookings I can process?

A. Theoretically there is no upper limit when you consider of the number of attendees you might get at an event. We would suggest you paste in no more than 10,000 emails or barcodes in one go.

Q. If I mark an attendance by mistake, how do I undo that before the attendance has been confirmed?

A. Just go to the the 'Confirm Attendees' list. You can untick it there and it is undone.

Please note: Once the attendance has been confirmed, there's no way to change a Student's attendance.

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