Enquiries is filled with tiny elements designed to give you better visibility, instant information and details about your enquirers. 

Conversation colours

The most obvious is the different colours within the enquiry conversation.

The colours are:

  • Light grey is for incoming enquires

  • Dark grey for officers' notes

  • Green for system messages

  • Light blue for the officer's response

  • Dark blue for expert responses

Seen/Not Seen and Timestamp Statuses

Each reply the officer sends out instantly gets a "Not yet seen" status (as highlighted in red). Once the email has been viewed, it changes to "Seen". This is designed to help you decide if a chaser message needs to be sent.

Timestamp statuses (highlighted in orange) show exactly what time an event occurred. For example, if you haven't heard from the enquirer in a few weeks, you might choose to close the enquiry. These statuses are also searchable from the filters in the main list.

Visibility indicators and Grab Handles

Each section of the enquiry has a little eye symbol in the top right. This shows if the section is visible to the enquirer or not. If the eye is clear, then the enquirer can see it; if it's slashed, then the section is not visible.

Each section also has a grab handle - the three bars at the bottom of each section. This is so you can expand and collapse an individual section. As you can see in the example above, the expert's reply contains the email chain that was sent to them. Hiding this makes the whole enquiry easier to see, and deal with. These grab handles are "sticky", so that if you went back to the list and reopened the enquiry, the collapsed sections would remain collapsed.

Priority Stars

Within each enquiry, on the Enquiry Details card, there is the option of adding a priority star. Perhaps the enquiry has been open a long time, or the question requires a more urgent response. Once you click the star, you can add a reason for adding or removing the priority, though it's not required.

By clicking the star on the header bar for the list of enquiries, you can bring your most urgent enquiries to the top.

Searching for a Specific Enquiry

Using the Search filters on the dashboard, you can search for:

  • The owner

  • The category

  • If the Enquiry is open or closed

  • The status of the enquiry

  • How the enquiry came in

  • The ID number of the Enquiry

  • The name of the enquirer

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