The Applications app supports the upload of documents to support applications. These documents may be scanned qualification certificates, copy of passport or identity card etc.
To add a new document, simply click the Documents tab when viewing an application, and click the Add Document button. 
File types must not exceed 50MB, and the following file types are allowed: pdf, csv, xls, doc, ppt, xlsx, docx, pptx, jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

When documents are uploaded, you must give them a name. Optionally, you can include notes on the document. If you are using the Applications Student Portal, marking a document "private" hides it from the student's view.

These documents are also automatically shared on the Document's tab of the Student's record:

When satisfying conditions for an offer, documents can be assigned to those conditions, showing that they are evidence towards a condition being satisfied.

If you are using the Applications Student Portal, students may also upload documents to support their application:

And also assign them to their outstanding conditions:

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