Data Packs troubleshooting

How to fix any issues you may have with tables, fields, data and relationships.

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We provide data packs so you can connect your own BI tool and run your own reports on data from Student CRM:

Our responsibilities

  1. To update the data each day (or week) depending on your selected frequency when you ordered the data packs, with the deltas (new or modified records).

  2. To provide the Data Packs ordered, each including the correct tables, fields and data.

  3. To provide a connection guide detailing all relationships between tables in data packs.


As you configure your ODBC connection and table relationships in your BI Tool, (using the connection credentials and the connection guide we provide) you may come across some issues:



1. I can't connect to Redshift.

Please check you are using the correct connection credentials.

2. I didn't get any new data in overnight.

You should have your new data by 06:00 each day. Please check the latest table mod date/time for the table you were expecting new data in. If it is not current then possibly that table had no deltas overnight, so was not due to be updated. Example: The 'countries' table rarely gets new data after the first connection as very few countries are amended or created.

3. I don't know how to create relationships in my BI tool.

If you are not experienced in creating relationships, there is a link in the connection guide in the Dev Centre that will help.

4. I can't see a table I expect in a data pack.

Please check that the table you expected is listed in the data pack in the Dev Centre.

5. I can't see a field I expect in a table.

Please check that the field you expected is listed in the data pack in the Dev Centre.

6. I can't see some data I expect in a field.

Please check in Student CRM that your establishment is using this field. Example: if a student has no title, maybe your web forms are not collecting the field 'title'.

7. I can't see how to create a relationship I expect in the connection guide.

Look at the bottom of the data pack in the Dev Centre for the section called "Creating Relationships" to see the available relationships.

8. I think there is some information missing in the Dev Centre.

Please send in a support ticket.

9. Something else.

Please send in a support ticket.

Still need help?

If your issue was not resolved please send in a support ticket by clicking bottom right and creating a new conversation with our Support Team, thank you. We will endeavour to respond and resolve it quickly for you.

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