What is Fact-finding?

An explanation of the process we go through to discover your needs

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Fact-finding is a session led by Student CRM in the initial stages of implementation. Its key focus is for us to understand how your Institution works, explore your needs and examine any expectations you have for Student CRM. We then build on this session to create the Requirements document. This allows our team to implement your iteration of Student CRM in a swift and efficient manner.

We find that discussing these expectations before any other activities allows us to explain exactly how Student CRM functions. You may even find it unlocks ideas for your Institute that you didn't think possible.

In the session, we'll get right down to the nitty-gritty details. Our goal here is to get a clear picture about the size and breadth of your requirements. Ideally, we want to gather as much information as we can at this stage. This will then allow us to build a Requirements document that is a true reflection of your needs.

This document will then get passed back for your comments or approval. Once everyone is happy, the document is signed off and passed on to our team. The team will then be able to implement Student CRM much quicker than they could without this document.

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