Read-Only users can:  

  • Search for students

  • View a student record

  • Add a note on a student

  • View the Ad-Hocs tab (User must have at least Read-Only access to the Comms Center)

  • View and follow links to other apps (User must have access to the other apps in question).

Read-Write users can also: 

  • Edit a student record

  • Add a student record

  • Delete a note on a student

  • Send a single instant email

  • Send a single instant SMS

  • Send a single letter

  • Add and edit tasks

Super Users can also: 

  • Grab students (user must have at least Read-Write access to Comms Center).

  • Mark tasks as complete

  • Delete a student record

Sensitive Information Tab

Permission to view a Student's sensitive information is granted by checking the "View sensitive data" box, under Platform Access, on the User's profile.

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