Read-Only users can:  

  • View the External Links modal

  • View the list of available reports

  • View a report

  • View an enquiry

Read-Write users can also: 

  • Add an enquiry

  • Reply to an enquiry

  • Add a note on an enquiry

  • Pass the enquiry to an expert

  • Assign an enquiry

  • Change the category of an enquiry

  • Mark an enquiry as priority

  • Close an enquiry

  • Delete an enquiry

Super Users can also: 

  • View the "Who has Access" tab

  • Edit email templates

  • Set up notifications

  • Add & edit categories

  • Set up inbound email details

  • Add and edit email addresses/ domain names to ignore

  • Add and edit close/ delete reasons

  • Set up knowledgebase saved replies

  • Set up enquirer consents

  • Set up feedback mini-surveys

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