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All about Applicant Open Days
All about Applicant Open Days
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Applicant Open Days is used by events teams to run open day events allowing all faculties to offer faculty-specific activities related to each applicant's course.

The Applicant Open Days app is a fully featured Open Day planning and management tool. Everything from room capacity management to preventing clashing bookings.

University applicants are offered activities specific to their course, making sure the day meets their needs, provides them with a range of insights, and engages their interests.

Set up a schedule of events for each department and allow students to create their own course programme based on their UCAS application details. Know in advance who’s coming and easily record attendance with our Mobile Entry Pass. 

The Applicant Open Days app measures attendance and automatically follows up with a series of personalised communications. Let attendees know what the next steps are and invite non-attendees to book onto another university Open Day.

Applicant Open Days helps to boost your university's enrolment figures and improve satisfaction levels. 

The app allows teams to measure long-term trends and increase attendance year-on-year.

How to access Applicant Open Days

Check with your User Admin to see if your university has got a subscription to this app:

  • If you have a subscription to this app, just ask your User Admin to add you as a user.

  • If you haven't got a subscription to this app, contact Customer Support and we will happily set you up a remote demo and answer any questions you and your team may have.

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