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Pre-Applicant Open Days
All about Pre-Applicant Open Days
All about Pre-Applicant Open Days
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Used by events teams to run pre-applicant open days where students book their own programmes of activities to explore your campus on the day.

Fill every university open day with students who book and attend with tours, talks and personalised programmes.

Set up and manage a full season of pre-applicant open days each academic year for students who have not yet applied through UCAS.

Send branded email invites to students and allow the app to register the bookings and send reminder communications leading up to the open day as well as managing capacity in the back end.

Activities can be scheduled throughout the day, and students book onto these when making their online open day booking. A student can log into their personalised programme to manage their booking at any time during the run up to the open day.

Every booking creates a personalised programme of activities for each individual student depending on their interests. 

Students can be welcomed to the open day by your university team and registered using a free iOS and Android app on your smartphone or tablets for quick and easy registration which filters attendees and non-attendees back into Student CRM ready for automatic post-event follow-up.

How to access Pre-Applicant Open Days

Check with your User Admin to see if your university has got a subscription to this app:

  • If you have a subscription to this app, just ask your User Admin to add you as a user.

  • If you haven't got a subscription to this app, contact Customer Support and we will happily set you up a remote demo and answer any questions you and your team may have.

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