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Custom Field titles - why they get locked
Custom Field titles - why they get locked

You can only name your custom fields once in Web Form Builder and then they get locked.

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This screenshot is taken from Web Form Builder's 'Builder' section. This is where you drag any available items (in grey) from the toolbox into your form (where they go green).

Each app has several custom fields that you can use to collect anything you like. For example, in the screenshot below:

  1. The user has dragged the field 'RAP - custom_varchar_1' into their form.

  2. It sits below the submit button on the right (they should move it up later.)

  3. The user has decided that all forms collecting into this Rapid Response occurrence can use this custom field on any form, but they all must use it to collect the same data.

  4. In this case that is 'More_information_about'.

  5. After making this choice, it is now locked form future changes.

  6. This is so that other users can safely use the field 'RAP - custom_varchar_1 (More_information_about)' without accidentally collecting the wrong sort of data.


You decide to use one of your custom fields in Web Form Builder, so you give it its proper title. So custom_varchar_1 is named 'food_allergies', and locked.

Now it is locked, you can only use that field to collect 'food_allergies'

Why? Well, just imagine if it was not locked down and another user was able to change the title to 'food_choice' a week later? You'd get a very confusing picture of what data the field contains!

  • Early students would be telling you that they are allergic to nuts.

  • Later students would be telling you they prefer nuts!!

When you name a custom field you don't change the base name of the field. In Field Finder and throughout Student CRM when you add conditions or merge fields, the base name will still be 'custom_varchar_1'.

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